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Out Of Town (11-14 October)
Published on 09-10-2018

Hello ClixUniverse Members


Im gonna be out of town for 3 days 11-14 October in this time frame the page are gonna works as normal.

I just cant make payments and answer support tickets all that are gonna be made on Oct 15 and then we resume as normal.

In resume you can make cashouts and send support tickets but the answers and payments are gonna resume 15 October

The last day of payments are gonna be Oct 11 early on the morning the days without payments are gonna be 12,13 and 14 Oct. Resumes 15 October

Sorry for any incovenience this may cause.


Kind Regards


Ends September Add Funds Promotion
Published on 27-09-2018

Hello ClixUniverseMembers

This promo is gonna be available until September 30 23:59 PM 

Add Funds Promotion Bonus

Deposit $20-$50 and get 5% Bonus on Purchase Balance

Deposit $51-$100 and get 7.5% Bonus on Purchase Balance

Deposit $101-$200 and get 10% Bonus on Purchase Balance

Deposit $201-$500 and get 15% Bonus on Purchase Balance

Deposit $501-$1000 and get 20% Bonus on Purchase Balance

Deposit $1001 or more and get 30% Bonus on Purchase Balance

The bonuses will be assigned manually in less than 24 hours, any problems don't hesitate to send us a support ticket. Our team are gonna be trying to add the bonuses ASAP. 

We hope you enjoy this promotion and have a happy earnings!!! 

Kind Regards

How Direct Referrals Works
Published on 12-09-2018

Hello ClixUniverse Members

Update on how your Direct Referrals works.

*Standard Members
- 100% Fixed Ads
- 100% Bonus Ads

*Upgraded Members
- 100% Fixed Ads
- 100% Bonus Ads
- Premium Ads Depends on the Membership, you can check this on the Upgrade Page.

Kind Regards

August Rush Promotion
Published on 01-08-2018

Hello ClixUniverse Members

We are going to welcome AugustRush with a great Promotion!!!

*Promotion are Available from August 2 to August 6 23:59 PM

Discount on Upgrades.

10% Off Yearly Star $45 From $50

20% Off Yearly Galaxy $80 From $100

25% Off Yearly Universe $190 From $250


Kind Regards


Paid To Promote and Bonus Ads
Published on 13-07-2018

Hello Members


We add 2 more ways of earning more money!!!

Paid To Promote and bonus Ads

Check Details here:


Kind Regards!!

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